Entrepreneur Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Presents for the Business Lovers in Your Life!

A day known for love and romance, Valentine’s Day, is quickly approaching. Because there are so many successful business people in the Boundless area, we thought it would be beneficial to prepare a list of gifts that any business owner would be grateful to receive and, more importantly, would actually put to good use. Every day should be a chance to show your entrepreneurial friends and loved ones how much you care, but Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to go all out. Most of these goods get regular use right here in the Boundless warehouse! If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a businessperson, consider the following:

A mobile standing workstation Standing desks have exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to the numerous studies documenting their many health and productivity benefits. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular, which means they could soon be quite expensive. If you know any businesses who frequently work from home or on the go, this standing desk would make a fantastic gift. Our investigation revealed that various lightweight standing desks could be purchased from Amazon for as little as $40.

At Boundless we are all about the standing desk revolution!

An Audible.com membership. Entrepreneurs have lengthier reading lists than the average person. There may be times when an entrepreneur doesn’t have the resources to read a book, but would nonetheless like to listen to something stimulating on the way to or from work. The best way to deal with this issue is to listen to audio books. A gift of an Audible membership can be given in increments of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.


The Smart Moleskine Notebook with Evernote Most business owners routinely engage in the practise of keeping meticulous notes. Evernote has collaborated with Moleskine to develop a notebook that syncs with the service and allows users to digitise their handwritten notes. The Evernote app facilitates the use of the device camera for the purpose of photographing notes. Evernote is offering a free three-month premium subscription with the purchase of this notebook. This will increase the desirability of a fantastic product. This is a fantastic present that won’t break the bank.

Committees to Think It Over In the eyes of many business owners, a white board is the perfect place to brainstorm and plan for the future. Think Boards has created a “film” that can be easily mounted to any wall and used with dry erase markers, turning any surface into a reusable whiteboard. You can use these around the house or at the office without compromising on their functionality. Prices start at just $25, and there is a wide range of sizes and types to choose from.

Everything from new features and sales strategies to daily to-do lists is organised and planned on a Think Board at Boundless HQ.


Box fox These gift boxes are a huge hit in the Boundless office. Using Box Fox, you can create a unique gift box filled with a variety of items, including candles, bath bombs, snacks, body lotions, face masks, a s’mores kit (yes, you read that properly), and much more. This is a fantastic chance to treat business owners to some much-needed TLC.


Class Pass Membership – A Subscription Class Pass subscribers have access to a variety of gyms, classes, and workouts in their communities. Class Pass is a service where for a monthly subscription you can take advantage of a wide range of fitness programmes such as yoga, kickboxing, spin, and crossfit. Class Pass is the kind of present any company would be grateful to receive because it allows for the spontaneity and exploration that are essential to their success.

The Boundless crew got together for a lesson at OrangeTheory, one of our favourite places to get out.

Online classes available through Udemy Providing someone with the opportunity to further their education is a fantastic present. Udemy is an online marketplace for learning that features tens of thousands of courses in fields as diverse as web development, business management, and leadership. Classes start at a very affordable $10. You can give them a gift certificate to go toward any lesson they like, or you can specify a certain course.


In short, a trustworthy portable charger It’s 2020. Even the most stationary person needs one, but the always-on-the-go business professional really must have one.


Coffee-delivery service subscription The best present you could give to a coffee aficionado. Numerous high-quality coffee subscription services exist, all of which promise regular delivery of a new craft coffee blend right to your door. For those professionals who appreciate the jolt of caffeine offered by a variety of roasts and coffees from around the world, this is the ideal option. I can attest to Trade’s reliability because I’ve used them myself. On Trade, you can offer a minimum of two bags and a maximum of twenty-four bags for a price that starts at $40.

Moo business cards are top-notch. Moo offers a wide selection of professional looking, easily editable business card templates. Additionally, you can create your own from scratch if you like. Business cards from Moo come in a wide variety of styles and paper types to suit any need. Give a Moo gift card to a local business owner to assist them with promotional efforts.


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