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Perfect for training, fitness, e-learning and more...

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Build COVID-Proof Revenue Streams

For your current, and future, customers

Monetize Your Video ContenT

If you run a business that needs face-to-face interactions in order to run smoothly, you’ve no doubt found things have been difficult since the beginning of the pandemic.

The continued growth (and possibly even survival) of your business requires an all-new approach in order to deliver your recurring services to clients in a way that’s easy to understand, convenient, and in line with your business goals.

That’s why a video on demand streaming platform could be the perfect solution!

Offer your customers a streaming video service that’s as easy to use as Netflix, and that works seamlessly across all their devices! Use this platform to broadcast pristine video wherever your customers are – whether live or on demand.

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A Streaming Solution

Unconventional Times Require Unconventional Strategies

It is our focus at Boundless to build you a successful platform that is both engaging, profitable and grows your business. As your platform grows, so do we. We’re all in this together, so let’s grow.

Generate Recurring Monthly Revenue

After we build your video on demand streaming platform, and populate it with your content, your recordings will continue to generate value to your clients, earning you monthly recurring revenue

Lesson & Platform Coach

You're not in this alone, your Boundless project manager is there for you every step of the way to ensure that you're focusing on what matters the most.

Quality Content Creation

Recurring professional content creation shot and edited by industry professionals.

Module or Progressional Lessons

Programs can be published in sections, modules, or as they happen. Perfect for fitness companies that offer Yoga, Cycling, and Bootcamps!

Start Small | Grow Unlimited

The partner platforms we work with are set up for virtually unlimited growth, and our packages can be scaled from a small local coach, to an internationally recognized fitness specialist.

Focus on Content

Let us focus on everything from the shooting, coaching, and launching to the masses.

Deep Dive Into Data

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Focusing on what works through statistical data can help send your clients better and more targeted content.

Ready to Generate New Revenue?

Get Your Video On Demand Platform Today!

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How It Works

Take your classes, lessons, programs, or coaching and build an online course to offer subscription on-demand streaming services to your clients. Your Boundless team will walk you through all the steps, assist with your planing, coach you on the shooting days, and design launch and tweak your online program.

If you have a gym, your classes can be filmed once, then placed online for thousands of plays. If you’re a coach, you can teach your lesson once and have it reviewed by your students. There are unlimited ways to film and present, and your business model and presentation will dictate what and how your videos are presented.

When your online video platform is ready for launching, your clients are able to log in, pay a monthly fee or one-time through their credit card , and are given access instantly.

You shoot the content once and it generates $ for months.

Boundless is working with you from cover to cover. We simplify the process through benchmarks, and tasks. In 4 simple steps, we’ll be ready to publish and start making you money.

[Step 1]


Develop your online course with the assistance of our experts

[Step 2]


Film, edit and publish your lessons and classes and publish to your online site

[Step 3]


Start selling your online subscription service to your clients.

[Step 4]


Watch the data, modify your content and advertise for more subscribers

See How we generated so many leads for one client
They had to ask us to stop while they caught up...

Let's Get Started!

Take a moment to tell us about your business below. Be as detailed as you feel is necessary for us to understand your business and your objectives. Once we receive your submission, an account manager will reach out to set up a free consultation with you to explore how we can help your business reach its goals.

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