How to Navigate a Networking Event

People will always tell you to attend a networking event when you are looking for a job and the reason is simple. These are the best events where you can actually find people interested in the type of skills that you have and they will actually be able to offer you a job in the long run.

How to Navigate a Networking Event

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It will not be easy to stand out though, especially since the networking event will be filled with competitors, people that want the same thing as you! Here are some ideas that make you stand out.

Always remember to take some business cards with you, they are crucial to use and if you share them properly you will actually be able to create some meaningful connections. Plus, these show that you are a professional and you should try to use them anyway. If you don’t then you should not attend a networking event in the first place as this is where business cards are very effective.

Also, try to dress in a semi professional manner. You don’t want to be too formal but being casual is not a good approach either. Find something that’s right in the middle for the best results. Of course, when you do attend a networking event keep in mind that you should always have a goal. It’s amazing and results will pay off for you!

When you are at the event, remember to be sincere and to show interest. People will ignore you if you don’t show any interest in their work and what they have to say. Which is why you need to listen first and then you should speak. It’s a much better option and one that will provide you with a great set of results in the long run.

A thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to bring in a good introduction. You should present yourself with your first and last name, then this has to be followed by a brief yet firm handshake. Don’t be afraid to take notes at the networking event, it’s a very good idea to do that actually and the outcome will be better if you do so.

After the networking event, you should try to follow up the best way you can. Personalized emails are very important and you should consider following up via such an option. It all comes down to you in regards to who you want to contact in the long run, but networking does require commitment, a good communication and a great follow up strategy. If you have all of these then the results will pay off very well for you. Remember to avoid being intrusive, that’s the last thing you might need. Be yourself, send emails when needed and focus on results, as that’s exactly what you want to focus on here!

The better the approach you have here, the better the results that you can get in the end. Granted, it will be challenging at first, but nothing is impossible!

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