Top 5 Apps to Make Your Life Easier

"If your week is anything like ours, it starts out with a beautiful plan – and 8am Monday morning that plan slowly gets sent down the drain. Even though we all have the best intentions to plan out our days and weeks, sometimes things get messy."

We have meetings to attend, research to conduct, calls to jump on, sales to close, and a million other things to accomplish – all while staying up to date with our current customers, sending out info to our social channels, and lining up new prospects.

That’s why we rely on technology to help make our lives just a little bit easier. These are especially busy for the entrepreneur who’s always on the move and has a million and one things to stay on top of. Here are our top 5 apps to make your life easier – maybe they’ll help you as much as they help us! (Full disclosure: there is absolutely no sponsorship for this post, this is 100% fangirl material!)

1. Wunderlist

This cloud-based app keeps our professional and personal to-dos all in one place and keeps us in check. The to-do lists make it easy to plan, check off, and collaborate to get through your never-ending list of tasks. It will send reminders and even allow one-step printing for the paper & pen aficionados among us.

2. Basecamp

This project management tool is our holy grail. We live and breathe this tool – online, on our phones, and sometimes in our sleep (although basecamp does offer the option to have notifications turned off between certain resting hours!) By keeping all communications in one central location, our team can keep track of client projects, internal projects, and everything in between. We love basecamp!

3. Boomerang

This is an app designed specifically for gmail users (sorry outlook and yahoo mail users.) Boomerang lets you schedule emails to be sent at any time. So as a busy entrepreneur, if you like to stay up until 3am replying to emails, you can schedule them to be sent out of your inbox at 7am the next morning, making you seem like a super efficient morning person and not a crazy middle of the night emailer! You can also set up Boomerang to send you reminders when you don’t receive a reply, and it will even give you suggestions using its AI interface to write better emails. How’s that for efficient? Boomerang for the win.

4. Evernote

Need a consistent way to keep notes across devices on the go? Evernote has got you covered. Whether on your android, iPhone, Mac, Windows laptop, or Martian iLeap, or whatever other device you’re running, Evernote syncs across all your devices your notes are always there. It’s a great place to save hashtags for twitter or instagram or write down a quick blog idea when inspiration strikes on the go. You can also store things like online travel documents, screenshots, images, links to read later, or just keep random client or product notes searchable by hashtag, folder, or any other category you come up with. It’s easy to collaborate, too – and will streamline your life.

5. Buffer

There are lots of different social media management tools out there, and quite honestly, many of them are great. Buffer is one of our favs. It has a great intuitive design, giving users the ability to schedule posts over time to multiple social channels with real time analysis and insights feedback. We also love Buffer for its suggested content curation stream, which pushes content right to our feeds and letting us share with our followers for an instant content boost.

Have a favourite app that we haven’t included in our top 5 apps to make your life easier? Let us know – we’d love to hear about it!

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