Working On Your Business vs. Working In It

You most likely heard about this comparison before, but what does this mean? Is there a difference from working on your business and working in your business? Turns out that there’s actually a major difference that you need to be aware of.

Working On Your Business vs. Working In It

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Basically, when you work in your business, you are usually involved in everything that pertains to generating a product or service. You can be a consultant, a manufacturer and so on. You say that you run your business and you are basically a part of it. You are the living soul of your business and you are a direct part of the entire production process. The important thing here is that with the right approach you can obtain an incredible value and results will indeed pay off in the long run!

On the other hand, working ON your business basically allows you to maintain the production pipeline. You are less focused on how stuff gets produced and created, instead you are more careful about all the stuff like marketing, researching and so on. When you work ON your business, you will have to find new markets to sell your content, you have to create sales strategies and you need to focus on networking.

You can work both IN and ON your business, but this is usually too much and it will never end well. You can either pick one or outsource both. But picking one is more than ok in this regard. The idea here is to try and focus on what your business needs and how you can offer those things.

When you work ON your business you will see that you need at least 20% of the work time to research and find the right markets. On top of that, you need to learn how to prioritize tasks here. This requires a lot of focus and attention on what really matters for your business. It will not be easy to do that at first, but then again you will note that with the right approach nothing is impossible.

How can you work ON your business? Simply by focusing on networking, updating social sites, asking the network contacts for some introductions, creating new marketing strategies that can be self-implemented and so on. You can also do that by setting both long and short term goals for your business. These things can be very important and in the end they can bring in front an incredible value for your money.

So, should you work IN or ON your business? Obviously, the choice is yours, but every leader should try to work on his business instead of being a part of the production process. That works too, but working ON your business should always be a priority. It can pay off very well and the experience in the end might be very impressive, which is exactly what you need!

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