Have You Checked Out Basecamp Yet?

Managing projects with a dedicated tool is crucial nowadays and if you use it properly you will see that results can easily pay off nowadays. That’s why a service like Basecamp can be very well worth it. Yet you do have to wonder if this is worth the $20 per month or not!

Have You Checked Out Basecamp Yet?

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It’s always important to stay on top of client relations, and solutions like Basecamp offer you a great way to stay up to date with your customers at all times, even when you don’t have the ability to meet with them in person or speak with them on the phone. Starting at just $20 for its premium plans, it’s definitely not going to break the bank – but if you’re just starting out you might see it as an unnecessary expense for your business. You need to keep in mind the fact that this price does allow you to get 10 active projects and 3 GB of storage, with more features offered the more you pay per month!

Features and interface

Maybe the best thing about Basecamp is its accessibility. This tool allows you to store files that might be needed by your team and it does a very good job at that. Not only that, but the communication tools integrated here allow you to keep in touch with your team even if they are physically distant.

Nowadays, Basecamp is more focused on offering you components rather than a single interface. It’s basically a piece-y product instead of a unified tool which is not exactly a bad thing. You have a dashboard where you can get access to sections like todos, discussions or the latest updates.

The app also allows you to see a task progress pie chart, you can also track who works on the project and lots of other info. But since all info like this is split into sections, it’s really hard to figure out who works on what and so on. It’s not the best way you can enjoy this type of information, but it’s the presentation use here and while it doesn’t really feel the best option, it works. The tabs included in the main interface allow you to reach projects, the calendar and other people with ease.

The fact that they split their main features so much does make Basecamp a little redundant at times, which is why you might have to get used to this tool in the long run. You don’t have live chat included with this solution but on the other hand you can access it as an add-on. Not exactly the same thing but it works anyways!


As we mentioned earlier, there’s a live chat add-on and you can also access features like time tracking, Gantt charts as well as invoicing through add-ons as well. These features are easy to integrate in Basecamp but not everyone will appreciate the fact that they are missing from the regular solution to begin with. On the other hand, since Basecamp is barebones at first, you will find it easier to customize it according to the needs of your project. They come with complete support for many third party tools, so it can be a very good resource for you!

Should you use it?

Despite the fact that it does have its mishaps, Basecamp is still one of the best tools for project management. It’s easy to use, it’s created with a huge focus on details and it does have some very good features. The lack of some important features can be felt, although you can get most of them via add-ons. But is that a good idea for a solution that you have to pay around $20 per month in order to use it? It’s hard to say.

However, Basecamp is helpful and it works great, so you should check it out if you like the idea of using a reliable project management tool with a lot of value!

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