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I bet you’re thinking, what is in this article for me? Why would I spend 5 minutes of my life reading it, and what am I getting out of it?

To be fair, you’re absolutely within your rights to think that way.

There are tens of thousands of messages that hit us every single day. Messages about what restaurants you should eat at, or what nail salon is best, what telecom company has the best data rates, or the best cars to drive.

There are countless companies out there fighting like hell to get you attention for a single second to say “hey, I’m pretty darn good, why don’t you give me your money”.

This is what we call in advertising “noise”. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘cut through he noise’ before, and it’s true for what we do as advertisers. It’s all noise . I’m very very confident with the campaigns that our squad created here at Boundless, but gosh darn, we have the very likely possibility that we’re going to end up somewhere between a Fabreeze ad, and something talking about how you can clean your pores in less time than you could before.

How you cut through this noise is simple. You understand that humans are selfish, accept it, and speak to specifically the people that you think are the best fit for what you are looking to sell them.

We’ve all heard about targeting, and demographics and segmentation blah blah blah (those are the kind of words that are used to make the marketer look more impressive). What it honest to goodness comes down to is knowing what your specific target wants, and filling a void.

Make your offering impossible for them to live without!

If you’re doing your job right, and you’re positioning it properly, even the most selfish of human consumers will not be able to avoid second looking at your product or service. People want to better themselves, or make life easier, or more enjoyable, or to feel better… whatever it is, if your offering does not set this tone, then you’re either offering the wrong thing, or targeting the wrong people.

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Humans. Are. Selfish.

We’re supposed to be!!!! Every animal is selfish. We want what is best for us, we want what is best for our children, we want what is best for our community. There is not a person out there who would give up their hard earned money to assist someone they don’t know or care about.

This is why the most successful companies are creating, and positioning their products to achieve just that – To fulfill a need in exchange for the money that your consumer earned with their backbreaking work.

What do restaurant owners want? People to feel inclusive and at home in their restaurants… right? What about hair salons? When people leave, they should feel fly as heck. When you purchase a new car from a dealership, the dealer wants you to feel pride in the new vehicle you’re driving off the lot with.

Every single consumer is motivated by an intrinsic desire to be better, feel great, be perceived better, be entertained, become satisfied, to be full, mortivated, encouraged, or overall feel better about themselves.

Humans Are Selfish.

Aren’t you?

You’re a business owner who wants to sell to humans so you can generate income, or to make yourself feel good because you made a difference. You’re motivated by positive intrinsic triggers that fuel your interests which can be packaged up in whatever way makes sense to your positive ego.

How do you use this?

The sooner that you accept that people truly care more about their interested than the success of your business, the faster you can start speaking to them in a language that truly hits home for them. You can start speaking to the person’s ego, and not the fluffy exterior. You’re in business to make money. They’re buying from you to make themselves better.

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What are you doing for your clients that make your clients lives better?

Start talking about them. Start talking about what thy want. Start creating a fantasy that only your brand can fulfill. Think Rolex, or BMW… Just look at any advertisement, and see how they position the consumer after the brand has made the sale. The client feels sexier, sleeker, tighter, more in tune, better perception. This isn’t because they bought a box on 4 wheels… they bought a BMW.

Clients are selfish.

What can you do or say that will make your clients feel the need to purchase from you? What can you do or show that will change their perception of you being “the noise” to “i need that”. How are you generating demand in your business to absolutely destroy any possibility of you.r competitors looking better than you.

Ladies and Gentelmen, this is called positioning, and it’s the most important thing you can possibly do to steerage yourself from any other person out there looking to take the money that could have been yours.

You’re a human. Be selfish. Be Successful.

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