The Story Behind the Brand

boundless marketing logo shade 01

The Boundless 'Wings' have been by our side since the beginning. They originally made an appearance to represent the true nature of our namesake, Boundless.

We wanted to have the unlimited and barrier-less nature of our business represented in a single well designed representation. The strong lines and airy gaps brought in our values - versatility and strength.

As our company evolved and new, and unique clients were added to the mix, we started to understand that some clients needed structure, others needed building, most needed to grow and few were ready to fly.

All this to say that ‘Unlimited’ wasn’t for every client. And we’ve become very good at working within limitations, within bounds, and within rules. When we approach a client’s growth plan, we set boundaries, we set limitations (budgets, locations, capacity for sustainable growth), but within those borders we can create remarkable results.

Kind of like a single piece of paper

The nature of Origami, or ‘paper folding’ represents how we work with our clients.

Though the size of the paper differs from one to the next they all start with a vision, limitations and ready for customization. The more we fold the more unique our piece gets.

The Boundless brand evolved into the origami methodology by experiencing hundreds of clients and thousands of requests. Through our exposure to a seemingly impossible vast amount of industries and sized of companies, we have since devoted our full efforts in our internal methodology and thinking to increase our service potential, and to absolutely explode with the possibilities all within the confines of our clients’ comfort and goals.

boundless marketing logo shade 01

In any brand, colour isn’t something to be looked over and it has strong, subconscious implications. With the colour of your brand you spark subconscious associative triggers that invoke connections, familiarity, trust, or a plethora of other intrinsic emotions based on your personal history. We needed a colour that truly said everything that we are about.

We selected Fuchsia… because we couldn’t decide on just one meaning.

Fuchsia, or as the Spanish say, ‘Rojo-Púrpura’ is built from mixing the primary color of red, with the secondary color of Purple. Red evokes the primal evolutionary feeling of power and reaction fulled with adventure. Purple represents elite, exclusivity and wealth (The reason it’s a royal colour stems from the rarity of the dye in textiles, and only royalty could afford it).

Synergy is defined simply by the sum of two parts are greater than the whole. And when you combine red and purple, the meaning collides to maturity, confidence, experience and assurance.

All qualities that our Boundless brand has evolved into.

Every brand has a story, and every company has a history. This is what we need our customers to feel every-time they interact with us. Confidence, commitment, service, and most of all success.

By looking at what most would call a “purple bird”, it doesn’t define us, but the more you interact and the more successes we build with you while we are flying our flag, the association between our hard earned look will trigger all the feelings we want you to associate with us.

The hard part is now over; Experience. Now it’s time for us to work with you and show you what we can do with your ‘single piece of paper’.


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