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Who we are and how we do what we do to who(m).

Without exception, when I dig into a conversation about 'marketing' to anyone, it ends up in a comment such as 'So you're a marketing strategist - so you make websites and logos and stuff'?

The answer is almost always.. ‘well, yes… and no”

Toyota designs ‘cars’, we design marketing strategies. As part of a car, you have the tires, seatbelts, engine, radio, seats. As part of a marketing mix, you have experiential marketing, strategy, digital advertising, newspaper ads….

I want to set the record straight:

Toyota Builds Cars, not JUST door handles, and steering wheels.

Boundless Builds Marketing Plans, not JUST websites and branding.

The goal is to get from point A-B the most direct way possible, and with the best experience.

I just need to know how fast you need to get to your destination. And that’s where our relationship will begin.

Our single most important objective for your company is to grow your net profit (to my accounting background friends, that’s minus EBITA 😉

Basically, we make your company money… and that is something we guarantee in our full marketing packages.

Rosie Metayer – Ironstone Fitness & Personal Training

“We would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your work in assisting Ironstone Fitness with its promotion and marketing. Your work has benefited us in achieving our forecasted goals”

Authentic Communication - The Marketing Butler

Why is revenue the main motivator?

Here’s transparently why… The more money we make your company, the more money you’ll want to reinvest, thus making us more money. It’s that simple. This is how our world goes around: I’m focusing exclusively to grow your business so you have no hesitation on hiring us again and again.

HOW? A true, traditional approach to Marketing!

Our approach is 100% reliant on connecting prospective clients to the ‘thing’ that you’re providing. Could be a service, a subscription, a message, a widget, whatever you’re bringing to ‘market’ is what we’re heading up with you.

We’re not a ‘fluff’ agency. We’re true consultants, analysis and researchers that happen to have that right-brain, left brain creativity that can package it all up into a beautiful connection based experiences for your human clients.

  • We are not an advertising agency: We do run ads and media buy
  • We are not a creative agency: We do creative things
  • We are not a web development agency: We do build websites
  • We are not a consultation agency: We do consultation
  • We are not a video production agency: We do create videos

This list can go on… and on…… and….

Here’s what we have ACTUALLY done for clients (some of which they thought up on their own, and some of which we identified as we were learning about their business: Web Development, Branding, Sales System Setup / Integration, Financial Forecasting, Budgeting, New Market Expansion, Converting to Digital Models, Setting Up & Designing Store Interiors, TV Commercials, Live Broadcasts, Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Sales Team Training, Hiring of Support Staff, Creation of Job Descriptions, Grant Applications, Business Plans.

David Watts – UTS Tree Care – Uxbridge, Ontario

“You guys need to pull the advertising, we simply can’t keep up with the leads” (During COVID-19)

how to plan a restful weekend f

It’s about connecting YOU and your CLIENT together, finding a mutually beneficial trade off, and presenting them with the best possible service throughout.

Why call us ‘marketing’ then, if you’re a consultant, sales coach, market analysis, researcher, financial forecaster… blah…. blah… blah. BECAUSE ALL THAT IS MARKETING!

Oh Kay… enough of that – Let’s get into our thinking…

Our PROCESS is simple, systematic, and fulled by KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

For our clients who come to us asking to grow, we take a strategic approach based on numbers, figures, projections and budgets. Our first step is to find out the goals of your organization, cross your budget to your projections, do a complete brand, product, service offering, distribution, communication audit.

For our clients that have a specific project, we ‘start wth the end in mind’ (Dr. Steven R Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). What is the anticipated outcome of the project? What would make it better than you expected. We then create schedules, design layouts, make those plans, and set target dates.

Todd Finlayson – McDonalds Of Canada

Looks awesome! Thanks Pete for the quick and great service

Our Most Successful Customers Have One Thing In Common…

…though vast in their segmentation and service offerings (from gyms and tree companies to bakeries), they are forward thinkers, excellent at their service offering, and are small enough to let us come in and make their business grow.

We specialize in two sizes of companies:

  1. Start-Ups / Micro Companies – < $1,000,000 Annual Revenue
  2. Business Approaching the ‘Medium’ Size – <$50,000 Annual Revenue.

Where we have the FASTEST IMPACT is companies that are generating between $1.8M – $5m annual revenue with a small marketing department.


Through experience, if you’ve got yourself to the $1.8 zone, you’re tapped out and in operations. You want to grow the business to get enough revenue to hire a proper operations manager, but you can’t justify cutting into your margins without a up and up projection.

You might be flat at this point, and it’s our job to come in to invigorate, refresh, and regroup. This is the same as a business looking to grow past $3m, $4m, $5m zone. There are financial barriers to growth that affect your ability to get more services or products to your clients. This is where we shine.

Remember that Marketing 101 course yo took in high school? The first thing you learned was the “Four P’s Of Marketing” (which I thought was always funny as the 4th p wasn’t always a P). Product, Price, Promotion, Distribution (fine…. some call this last one ‘place’)

Our Approach Is A Full, Integrated Marketing Approach!

Want to see an example? Remember that car analogy I mentioned at the start of this article? Well, here are all the net ‘parts’ of a digital communication plan only! (as i keep our client information private, I’ve blacked out the descriptions – I’ll do the same for you)

sample funnel
A sample marketing funnel created for one of our clients

What you should expect when working with us, and a true an honest account of what we are going to do for your company with anticipated results and KPI’s. We don’t fluff, we work beside you, and for you and your company.

I’m looking forward to impressing the pants off of you (figuratively speaking, of course). Give us a chance to show you what Boundless is all about, and I’m absolutely certain you’ll be telling your friends about us too.

Jason Wilton, Marketing Strategist
Boundless Productions Limited
Marketing By Boundless

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